Real-time Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Violation Detection

Disrupted traffic flow, infrastructure repair costs, and, worst of all, dangerous collisions – traffic violations carry many risks, but as traffic gets more intense, TMC operators find it increasingly harder to track all incidents. Combing through endless camera feeds and reviewing events manually take time, forcing operators to prioritise the most serious cases and leave no time for the rest.

GoodVision Traffic Violation Detection is an automatic, real-time traffic monitoring solution crafted specifically to track dangers on the road.

Empower your operators with real-time violation monitoring


The solution will flag and record all spotted violations and notify operators following user-specified incident criteria and scenarios.


It seamlessly connects to third-party tools you already use and to new and previously installed traffic monitoring and magnetic loop systems.


Traffic Violation Detection combines high precision and low false alarm rates with resistance to weather, dense-traffic, camera movement, shadow, and light.


TMC operators can generate periodic and on-demand reports, analyse historical data, track alerts, all from a single console.

Leave no violation unseen

The solution independently recognises common incidents and violations, including:

Speed limit violation
Stop sign violation
Wrong-way driving
Forbidden turn and U-turn violation
Illegal stop and parking violation
Driving on shoulder
Stopped vehicles on the road and shoulder
Person on the road (jaywalking)
Forbidden lane-changing
Occupying firbidden lane
Discharging from and into the wrong lane on turn

Boost safety and traffic flow

Traffic Violation Detection is a multi-purpose solution designed to help you limit road risks and manage traffic more efficiently through:

Traffic congestion prevention
Ticketing violators
Priority lanes management
Data-driven urban planning and optimisation
Instant incident alerts
Emergency service coordination
Secondary accident prevention and live incident alerts for traffic management and drivers

Suitable for all road scenarios

Customise events, collect data and build the violation detection system that works best in your specific traffic context.

Connect camera feeds to help operators visually verify detected traffic incidents.
Create your own event trigger criteria based on direction of travel, lane, object class, and other parameters.
Use automated number plate recognition for quick violator identification.
Easily expand the solution with other GoodVision products, feature addons, and extensions.
Automatically record traffic parameters such as traffic volume, speed, gaps between vehicles, dwell time, and passage time.

Technical requirements

GoodVision Live Traffic product
IP camera
Processing unit
• Server for in-house deployment (all major vendors)
• Embedded device for on-site deployment
Active account at for configuration, management and reporting

Video analysis is performed solely on the local device/server. Traffic reports, events, and metrics are transferred to the GoodVision platform.

On-site devices do not store any video or other personal data. This prevents data breaches in case of unauthorized access or intrusion.

Recommended devices for on-site deployment

Up to 4 camera streams:
Lanner EAI-I130B

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
16GB LPDDR4 memory, 16GB eMMC storage
2x GigE Poe LANs, 5G/LTE cellular network connection
WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/gn)

Up to 16 camera streams:
Lanner LEC-2290E

Intel Core i7-9700, NVIDIA Tesla A2
32GB DDR4 RAM, mSATA 128GB + 2.5″ SSD 256GB
2x GbE LAN +4x GbE PoE LAN
Extensions: 5G/LTE cellular network connection, WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/g/n)

Gain an advantage in the fights against traffic violators

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