Our Vision

At GoodVision, we are a top-choice platform for traffic analytics tasks worldwide. Our product combines features that support various stages of civil engineering projects and teams of traffic engineers, analysts, consultants, and planners. Our analytical functionality allows for daily work tasks to be completed in one place, promoting cooperation and information transfer between them.

Our advanced technology captures and understands data from traffic cameras, in-vehicle sensors, connected vehicles, air, noise, weather, and other sensors. This information is used to provide a comprehensive digital twin of the world’s locations, capture and react to events, and support decision-making systems and individuals.

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Our Mission Statement

GoodVision’s goal is to improve the transportation industry by connecting data, processes, and experts. This in turn will lead to healthier, more liveable cities and less congestion.

Our Long-term Goals
We are passionate about our product and team , striving to be the best in the world and providing opportunities for amazing careers at GoodVision.
Our product and team strive for satisfied customers and will provide them with everything they need to be successful.
We also aim for a good economic model and we shall monetise our work to fuel growth and continued success.