Real-time Traffic Monitoring

AID – Automated Incident Detection

During peak times, standard detection and evaluation methods are too slow to keep up on highways.

GoodVision Automated Incident Detection (AID) is an AI-based, real-time video analytics solution created to help traffic operators track, analyse, predict and immediately react to road events.


Driving on shoulder

Person on the road

Wrong-way driving

Isolated or propagating congestion
Stalled vehicle on the road or shoulder

Sends automated alerts to relevant services, ensuring rapid awareness and response.


Analyse traffic flow, volume, and patterns, detecting deviations like congestion or sudden slowdowns.


Monitor alerts, browse and generate reports, view camera feeds, and manage incident responses, all in one place.

All-In-One Platform

for Automated Incident Detection and Analysis

Compatible with existing infrastructure
GV AID can easily connect to camera systems and magnetic loops.
Fit for all types of traffic
The algorithm can distinguish between vehicle classes and motorised and non-motorised traffic.
Customisable to your needs
Define event trigger criteria and parameters such as direction, lane, vehicle class and more.
Complex road scenarios
Chain multiple events to create specific road scenarios for GV AID to record.
Real-time incident detection
GV AID recognises user-defined traffic events, flags them, and reports them to TMC controllers.
GV AID is an open system that allows for future extensions, upgrades, and new feature addons.
Automated number plate recognition
If needed, GV AID can recognise number plates for vehicle identification.
Works in all conditions
Come rain or shine, GV AID recognises camera movements and occlusion, preventing detection errors and false alarms.
All systems under one roof
GV AID integrates with third-party systems and other GoodVision products, creating a one-in-all traffic control platform.
Easily scalable
GV AID is suitable for small – and large-scale traffic projects. New sensors can be added seamlessly.

Your AID in traffic monitoring

Your AID in traffic safety

Congestion Detection: Identifies areas of high traffic density, helping to manage and avoid congestion.
Instant Incident Alerts: Quickly identifies road events and incidents, enabling timely response.
Traffic Monitoring and Reporting: Continuously records traffic patterns and volumes and compiles them into reports for further analysis.
Secondary Accident Prevention: Alerts traffic management and nearby drivers about incidents, preventing further accidents.
Incident Impact Analysis: Understand the impact of incidents on traffic flow, enabling optimal rerouting.
Emergency Service Coordination: Accelerates the deployment of emergency responders.
Data-Driven Planning: Supplies valuable data for urban planning and infrastructure development.

Technical requirements

GoodVision Live Traffic product
IP camera
Active account at for configuration, management and reportin
Processing unit
• Server for in-house deployment (all major vendors)
• Embedded device for on-site deployment

Video analysis is performed solely on the local device/server. Traffic reports, events, and metrics are transferred to the GoodVision platform.

On-site devices do not store any video or other personal data. This prevents data breaches in case of unauthorized access or intrusion.

Recommended devices for on-site deployment

Up to 4 camera streams:
Lanner EAI-I130B

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
16GB LPDDR4 memory, 16GB eMMC storage
2x GigE Poe LANs, 5G/LTE cellular network connection
WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/gn)

Up to 16 camera streams:
Lanner LEC-2290E

Intel Core i7-9700, NVIDIA Tesla A2
32GB DDR4 RAM, mSATA 128GB + 2.5″ SSD 256GB
2x GbE LAN +4x GbE PoE LAN
Extensions: 5G/LTE cellular network connection, WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/g/n)

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