GoodVision Live Traffic

Real-time traffic video analytics

Monitor traffic on roads and junctions in real-time, detect events immediately, and control traffic flow – all in one tool.

Real-time traffic video analytics
For permanent camera installations
Alarms on traffic events and violations
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Live Traffic is the only traffic detector you'll need

GoodVision Live Traffic is a software for permanent traffic monitoring and counting of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians in real-time. Captured data is used for adaptive traffic control and high-level transport planning for smart cities.

For EDGE box PC, server or a camera

Live Traffic can be deployed on a variety of commercial HW devices – edge AI box PCs, GPU servers or AXIS DLPU cameras. See recommended HW below.

Real-time traffic counts, events and reports

Live Traffic detects 8 vehicle classes, bicycles and pedestrians, captures vehicle events and violations, and notifies your system API within 1 second.

Collection of historical traffic data

Live Traffic is fully integrated with the rest of the GoodVision traffic suite. Collected traffic data can be fully analysed in the Video Insights platform.

Recommended hardware


GoodVision Live Traffic is shipped as a completely pre-installed HW appliance. However, you can deploy the software on your own compatible Box PC equipped with NVIDIA Jetson GPU. One of the recommended devices is LANNER EAI-I130 which can run up to four camera streams. We can deliver this devices pre-installed with GoodVision Live Traffic software.

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Helping improve traffic control every step of the way

Real-time traffic control

GoodVision Live Traffic is the ideal solution for building your next-generation traffic control system. The edge devices running GoodVision Live Traffic software can be deployed on-site near the camera, processing the camera stream on the fly, and adhering to all data privacy regulations. The available devices can simultaneously run GoodVision Live Traffic for up to 4 live camera streams. You can define custom virtual loops and event triggers on every monitored scene. Every traffic event is detected, and the notification/alarm is sent to your traffic control system via HTTPS below 1-second latency.

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Real-time traffic counts

In the same way as the traffic control use case, with GoodVision Live Traffic you can capture flows of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians in real-time. Each vehicle intrusion, stopped vehicle, or violation can be defined as an event for alarm. Any captured traffic parameter is provided in periodic reports within the time intervals that you previously defined. Multimodal traffic object classification into 8-classes is standard, and adding extra custom vehicle classes is always possible. Live Traffic can be easily integrated with your traffic data database, traffic management system, road LED signs or a city portal. And of course, it is fully integrated with the GoodVision Video Insights platform for your historical data analytics.

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Permanent traffic monitoring

When you need long-term or permanent traffic monitoring, the on-site deployment of GoodVision Live Traffic is the most economical option. Live Traffic detects traffic behaviour, traffic counts and events, storing the data in the GoodVision Video Insights platform for your historical analyses. The data extracted from your traffic video is up to 1000 times smaller than the original video. It is also periodically sent to your analytical app over the internet. Transferred data is completely anonymous, complying with the data privacy standards and regulations such as GDPR.

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