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Traffic data collection and analytics from video

Traffic Data Collection From Camera and Drones

Explore GoodVision’s traffic data collection if you want to perform your traffic surveys easier, faster and with no stress. This is the most convenient way of collecting traffic data from video cameras and drones.

Traffic Data Analytics For Traffic Modelling

With GoodVision’s toolkit for traffic modellers, you will automate your traffic model calibration and save time like never before. Benefit from traffic data in the most significant detail ever and cut costs on manual labour.

Real-time traffic monitoring

Automated incident detection

During peak times, standard detection and evaluation methods are too slow to keep up. Overwhelmed TMC operators are forced to focus only on the highest-priority incidents while many others go unnoticed or aren’t addressed on time.

Toll roads monitoring

As road infrastructure develops and traffic volumes rise, toll road operators face an ever-increasing demand for speed, comfort, and safety. Adopting new technologies that don’t disrupt traffic flow is a must.

Traffic volume counting

As crucial as they are, traffic counts are often demanding: they require dedicated equipment, network infrastructure, connections, and specialised software. All that takes time and money.

Traffic violations detection

Disrupted traffic flow, infrastructure repair costs, and, worst of all, dangerous collisions—traffic violations carry many risks, but as traffic gets more intense, TMC operators find it increasingly harder to track all incidents.

Parking occupancy monitoring

In today’s world, where urbanization is growing at an unprecedented pace, cities around the globe are facing numerous challenges in the parking domain.

Traffic control

Until today, traffic control needed the coordination of individual operators who must collectively make consistent decisions to ensure the system works safely and efficiently.

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With GoodVision You Can…

Be the unrivalled traffic surveyor

With GoodVision you will get data from traffic surveys in the most convenient and accurate way ever. You provide traffic videos and our software captures all the traffic activity in a blink. Compared to conventional manual methods of collecting traffic data, analysing traffic volumes and sharing it to your customers has never been easier.

Be the ultimate traffic modeller

Video Insights is a comprehensive traffic analytical platform saving modellers their time by automating the traffic model calibration. You can get a wide variety of traffic behavioural data for calibration and verification of your traffic models, without the tedious manual efforts required by conventional methods.

Control traffic in real-time

Live Traffic is a complete software solution for traffic monitoring and real-time event detection on roads and junctions. The system analyses camera streams on the fly and provides traffic data to third-party systems, like traffic management systems and controllers. Traffic data is also collected in Video Insights, ready for your further analysis.

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