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GoodVision provides you with everything needed to solve all your traffic engineering tasks. With our platform, you have a solution for each stage of your traffic projects

Traffic Data Collection

Explore GoodVision’s traffic data collection if you want to perform your traffic surveys easier, faster and with no stress. This is the most convenient way of collecting traffic data from video cameras and drones.

Traffic Modelling

With GoodVision’s toolkit for traffic modellers, you will automate your traffic model calibration and save time like never before. Benefit from traffic data in the most significant detail ever and cut costs on manual labour.

Traffic Control

With GoodVision’s real-time video analytics for on-site EDGE devices, you will develop a smart, next-generation, traffic control system. Capture just-in-time information about traffic volumes, events or traffic violations.

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Traffic data extraction from video cameras
Fast and accurate traffic counts
Detailed traffic parameters and reports
Collaboration and sharing tools
Secure video storage
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