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With GoodVision you will obtain traffic data from your surveys in the most convenient way ever. You provide traffic videos and our software captures all the traffic activity in a blink. Counting traffic volumes and reporting it to your customers has never been easier. Let us help you save your precious time now!

Perform traffic surveys within few hours
Compatible with your existing camera equipment
Share results to your customers on a click of a button

Need help getting started?

If you feel frustrated from manual traffic counting or using tubes, then GoodVision is the way to go. Contact us and we’ll help you to start!

How does it work?

Learn how you can start doing effective traffic surveys with GoodVision in 4 simple steps:

1. Provide a video

Upload video footage or connect live cameras directly to GoodVision’s platform. No matter how many hours you need process, the platform is built to scale.

Video recording
Compatible with all standard video formats.
Live stream
You can connect and process live RTSP camera streams
Other data sources
Connect various other data sources, like ANPR cameras.
2. Traffic data extraction

Our artificial intelligence extracts traffic data from video automatically. You’re getting the results in around 1 hour and with unbeatable 95% – 100% accuracy.

We extract every physical aspect of traffic behaviour
From the ground or from the air
Fixed cameras
Fixed cameras from roads or junctions, permanent or temporary.
Videos from drone cameras, static views from up to 250 meters.
Time-compressed video footage from time-lapsed cameras.
We recognize 8 types of vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians
Truck (OGV 1)
Truck (OGV 1)
Heavy truck (OGV 2)
Heavy truck (OGV 2)
See our Classification guide
Didn't find a vehicle class you need?

Contact us and we’re glad to offer you a custom vehicle class development.

3. Count traffic and analyse

With GoodVision Video Insights platform, you can count traffic volumes on any road, junction, roundabout or pedestrian zone.


Learn how you can define custom traffic movements on any traffic scene.

4. Export and share

Analysis of traffic data is a fully interactive experience. You get turning counts and plenty of other parameters to share with your clients.

Traffic reports
Colaborate on your data

We offer a range of tools for you to share your data between your coworkers and clients.

Share extracted traffic data
Share extracted traffic data with traffic modellers for deep analytics
Share traffic videos to customers
Share video from traffic surveys on one click
Share your reports to customers
Share traffic reports with your clients outside the GoodVision platform

3 main use cases

Traffic counting

As a transportation professional, you need traffic data to be reliable and you need it fast! Stop dealing with manual traffic counters or putting your field technicians to risk when installing ATCs. With GoodVision you can perform traffic counting from the video, in one place. Whether it is a short corridor traffic study or a large scale traffic project, GoodVision is build to scale automatically to your needs wherever you are.

Read the success story

Pedestrian and bicycle surveys

Pedestrians and bicycle traffic studies are becoming very popular and there are not many ways how to obtain this traffic data reliably. Counting pedestrians manually is a nightmare, stop doing it. GoodVision detects pedestrians and bicycles with amazing accuracy in the same way as we detect vehicular traffic. Even retailers can utilize GoodVision to analyze the location potential.

Learn more about pedestrian studies

Drone surveys

For many transportation engineers, drone traffic surveys are the ideal way of capturing the big picture from the bird’s view. With GoodVision you can perform drone traffic studies with the same ease as regular traffic counting. One of the key advantages is a clear view without obstacles. You can fly your drone in height up to 250 m (~83 ft) and GoodVision will detect traffic attendants in great detail.

Read the success story

4 deployment options on your projects

We understand that price effectivity and ease of use are the major factors when choosing a new technology. Therefore GoodVision offers you four deployment options of traffic collection solution to best suit your project needs.

Cloud Video Analytics

The most convenient on-demand model of traffic video analytics is available in the Video Insights cloud platform. Cloud video analytics gives you maximum flexibility and the shortest turnaround time on your traffic surveys.

Video processing happens in the cloud
Rapid "1 hour data delivery"
No deployment or HW costs
Pay flat rate per hour of video
Learn about Video Insights Platform

Cloud Traffic Counts 'Lite'

GoodVision Traffic Counts is a “lite” version of our automated cloud video processing when the platform is providing you purely with traffic movement counts reports you are familiar with from manual traffic counters.

Video processing happens in the cloud
You obtain Excel reports with traffic counts
Reports turnaround time is 3 days
Pay flat rate per hour of video
I'm interested in GoodVision Traffic Counts

On-premise Video Analytics

If you want to perform video processing on your own servers, you can deploy Video Insights platform in-house. This is a cost-efficient option if you are looking for high volumes of traffic video surveys with GoodVision.

Video processing happens on your servers
Requires your hardware
Data turnaround time depends on your server
Pay monthly software license
I'm interested in GoodVision On-premise

Edge Real-time Analytics

If you want to perform permanent traffic monitoring or to obtain traffic data in real-time, e.g. for traffic control, you can deploy GoodVision Live Traffic to your road-side sensor. Very cost-effective for continuous traffic monitoring on large camera networks.

Video processing happens on the EDGE sensor on-site
Requires deployment to the EDGE sensor
Data is obtained in real-time
Pay monthly per camera stream
Learn about GoodVision Live Traffic

You're set for next traffic survey with GoodVision

GoodVision is the ultimate improvement to conventional manual methods of collecting traffic data. You’ll serve more detailed data to your customers than any solution has ever provided.

Explore our solutions

You can choose from GoodVision’s solutions for each stage of traffic data management on your traffic projects.

Traffic Analytics for Modelling
Traffic Analytics for Modelling

Unique analytical toolset to simplify your traffic modelling and simulation

Traffic Control
Traffic Control

Source of real-time traffic insights for adaptive traffic control systems