Control the traffic using real-time traffic video analytics

Monitor traffic 24/7 without losing your sleep. Adjust traffic controllers in real-time with the most precise traffic data ever. Convert road-side cameras to an ultimate traffic control system and get just-in-time data about volumes, events, and violations.

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GoodVision Live Traffic

Explore how you can turn your traffic road-side sensor into a smart traffic control appliance with GoodVision Live Traffic product.

How does it work?

Traffic control solutions are based on GoodVision Live Traffic product. Explore how you can convert your traffic cameras into smart road-side units for traffic control.

1. Deploy GoodVision Live Traffic based on your needs

Install GoodVision Live Traffic software to any compatible commercial device and connect your existing traffic cameras.

AI powered box PC allows you to monitor up to 4 camera streams
GPU Server
A Nvidia GPU powered server is the ideal option for your datacenter
Live Traffic can run in Axis DLPU cameras
2. Integrate with your traffic controller via API

GoodVision helps you to integrate Live Traffic with your traffic controllers, decision support systems or traffic management systems via HTTPS.

3. Capture events and alarms

Define virtual loops, capture traffic events and violations, and receive real-time messages, alarms and reports from GoodVision-powered traffic sensor.

Turning movements
Traffic events and violations
Traffic performance reports

Are you ready for the pilot project?

If you feel frustrated by the lack of reliable information from induction loops or other unreliable solutions, then GoodVision is the way to help you control traffic in real-time. Ask us about a pilot project now!

Explore our solutions

GoodVision provides a solution for each stage of traffic data management on your projects

Traffic Modelling
Traffic Modelling

Micro modelling. Advanced traffic metrics. Export to PTV Vissim

Traffic Data Collection
Traffic Data Collection

Multimodal detection. Fast data extraction. Accurate counts, exports and collaboration.