Save 95% of your time on traffic modelling

Save time and reduce manual tasks on traffic model calibration with automated traffic data analytics. Get traffic behaviour and performance measures in the minutest detail, while focusing on other more relevant tasks.

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Save 95% of time on traffic model calibration

How does it work?

Advanced analytical features are the part of the GoodVision Video Insights platform. It all starts with extracting traffic data from the video. If you don’t have a compatible traffic data supplier, let us know and we’ll make a recommendation.

1. Start with traffic data from GoodVision

To start using the advanced analytics you need the data that was extracted by GoodVision Video Insights platform. You can either process your own video footage, ask your traffic data supplier to provide you with the data this way.

2. Describe your traffic scene

On any traffic scene, you can define various advanced filters, capture events or create complex scenarios for analysis.

Complex networks
Complex networks

Learn about scene description and how to visually analyse your extracted data.

Define conditions for filtering
Zone intrusions
Objects trespassing virtual zones and lines
Delays and occupancy
Objects staying inside a zone for a specified time
Stopped vehicles
Vehicles topping inside a virtual area
Traffic scenarios
Combine filters into complex scenarios
Interactive analytics

You can perform analyses online and interactively over the extracted traffic data. There is plenty of traffic performance parameters to obtain, analyse and report.

3. Analyse, export, and share

You can report vehicle by vehicle traffic parameters and measures from any scene. See the section below to see all the available traffic analyses.

Advanced traffic data exports
Colaborate on your data

You can share your traffic project and the data with your team members or customers.

Collaborate on your projects
Make your extracted data available for your colleagues.
Share your results
Share exported data with your clients outside the GoodVision platform

Available traffic analyses

Versatility of the extracted data in GoodVision allows you to perform various analyses over the same set of data. Besides traffic counts, you can obtain a high-resolution traffic data for traffic modelling.

Object Trajectory Inspection
Inspect any vehicle’s or pedestrian’s trajectory with a millisecond precision
Gap-acceptance Analysis
Explore rejected and accepted vehicle gaps, or analyse tailgating.
Detect Events and Violations
Stopped vehicles, jaywalkers, red-light runners, lane changes and illegal manoeuvres
Queue Length Analysis
Queue length, waiting times, delays or occupancy times in custom-defined area

Ask your traffic data supplier to use GoodVision for traffic data extraction on your next project

Once the surveyor collects traffic data in GoodVision Video Insights, he simply shares the data and videos to you, to keep analysing it in a smart way. Don’t let your projects go down with manual work again. Try GoodVision!

Use cases

Traffic model calibration

When you are working with traffic simulation software, no matter the brand, you need a multitude of traffic data to calibrate your traffic models. GoodVision is your workspace, where you can prepare this data and simply paste it into your model. It can be multimodal traffic volumes, speed data, reduced speed areas, saturation flows, gap analysis data and travel time. Think how difficult it was to obtain this data before. Not anymore with GoodVision!

Learn more about traffic model generation

Gap acceptance analyses

Driving behaviour factors in the studied infrastructure referring to speed, critical gap or follow-up headway, are the most complex data to obtain in an empirical way. Not only they are difficult to collect, but also because it is very complex to process into raw data. GoodVision is the platform where you can analyse the raw driving behaviour parameters in great detail.

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Traffic Data Collection

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