We extract traffic data from cameras We provide traffic analytics for modelling We monitor traffic and capture events in real-time

Everything You Need For Transport Data Analytics In One Place

We help transport specialists to achieve incredible productivity on traffic projects by automating traffic data analytics from video

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Traffic Data Collection
Get traffic data from cameras in the most convenient way ever
Traffic Modelling
Analyse traffic behaviour and calibrate your models automatically
Traffic Real-time Control
Monitor traffic and adjust your signal light controllers in real-time

Smart cities matter.

Every year traffic congestion costs cities and economies a large amount of money. The productivity of people is lost and the streets become more polluted and less safe.

At GoodVision we strive to improve the infrastructure and to better the lives of everyone living in the cities using smart technology. We believe that our product will make the future more green, safe and efficient.

Less congestion
Cleaner air
Secure environment

We're unique

We are the artificial intelligence experts that work and listen to transportation professionals’ needs since 2014. Retrieving reliable traffic data is a tough task. But it is just one part of the equation!

We make sure you fully utilise the traffic data you collect. That’s why we created GoodVision Video Insights – the all-in-one platform for all your traffic analytical tasks.

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