Traffic Analytics as a Service

GoodVision Video Insights is the autonomous data retrieval cloud service providing highly reliable traffic data from standard surveillance cameras via Artificial Intelligence. It provides advanced data analytics, data visualization and managerial reporting
– all in a single platform covering the whole process of operation from data collection to decision making.

Read Videos Like a Morning Paper

Automated Data Retrieval

Current data collection methods on travel and transportation infrastructure are generally inefficient, resource-intensive and time-consuming. GoodVision retrieves traffic data from your camera videos fully automatically and delivers traffic surveys of any size to you within 1 hour.

Perfect Data Visualization

GoodVision offers you amazing visual presentation experience of your traffic data providing exact object routes, traffic patterns and heatmaps. Interactive user filters allows you to multi-modally count traffic in origin/destination mode and perform comprehensive traffic reporting.

No Infrastructure Required

GoodVision embraces full cloud setup being available online from anywhere without purchasing any hardware or software. It is designed to work with all standard IP cameras in their existing positions and to be seamlesly integrated with your current video management services.

GoodVision Video Insights

Valuable Wherever Your Cameras Are

Traffic Counting

Civil engineering companies are providing valuable information on traffic congestion and urban development. With GoodVision, they get rid of high operational costs of human counters or invasive solutions and get increased potential to serve times more traffic analyses than ever before.

Urban Planning

Knowing exact pedestrian and bike routes and their movement patterns is crucial for designing the smarter streets and other municipal areas. Analyzing the traffic light intervals, impact analysis of bike trails or pedestrian crossings, assessing the location safety. All of this is possible if you have real, reliable data.

Location Analytics

Are you looking to expand your network of physical stores to new locations? Curious about the KPIs of street potential versus the sales performance of the branch? With GoodVision you are able to quickly analyze real traffic in the location in short or long term and get the data in 1 hour.

Shopper Analytics

Designing the store layout or opening hours? Positioning the products? GoodVision provides brick-and-mortar retailers the same level of shopper insights as those used by the most sophisticated e-commerce sites. Retailers’ decisions then take advantage and convert browsers into buyers.

Eye-watering Features

6 Reasons Why GoodVision Is The Right Video Analytics To Go

1. Visual Analytics

Perform advanced graphical analysis of the video metadata, monitor traffic patterns, visualize and breakdown the data in our interactive web dashboard.

Filters, graphs and managerial reports

Draw zones of interest and combine them. Filter by the object attributes and time. Apply AI behavioral analytical functions. See analytics via web application, data exports or API.

2. Deep Learning

Powered by deep neural networks we determine types of visual objects in the video footage like pedestrian, car, truck, van, bus, motorbike, bicycle and animal.

what we see is what we extract

Every visible object and event from the video is recognized and all it’s attributes like trajectory are stored in the secured video metadata archive, which is up to 10000x smaller than original video.

3. Rapid Processing

Fully scaled cloud environment with highly parallel processing ensures rapid results delivery. This makes video analytics an immediate experience!

Be honest to yourself...

You don’t have months of waiting for lengthy analyses to finish, get results within minutes. Cloud video analysis is your only bet for quickly processing huge piles of video data without the limitations of on-premise HW infrastructure.

4. Anonymity

Data obtained from the analysis is anonymous and original video is deleted. The transmission and storage of video during processing is secured and encrypted.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Video data is processed on the fly, in a short time necessary for metadata extraction. Objects and events are completely anonymized during the analysis and their reverse identification is not possible. 

5. Instant Results

User data analysis happens right after the video is processed. You get the results instantly every time you change the query criteria. You own the data.

Video as a valuable future asset

You can delete the original video once extracted. Perform BI over your data anytime in the future, compare it to other data, make summaries, slice & dice, filter and search for events. No need to process the video again.

6. Camera Independence

Camera agnostic and compatible with all standard video formats and IP cameras. No need to commit to a specific camera manufacturer. Just provide the video.

No need for any HW or SW

No hardware or software is needed to process or store the data. GoodVision is a SaaS transforming existing video surveillance systems into comprehensive intelligence tools, unifying analysis for traffic, retail and security.

Start Analyzing In Minutes

Get Structured Information From The Video In 3 Simple Steps

Instant Video Insights

Don’t Wait Weeks For Inacurately Surveyed Data

Forget about expensive time-consuming surveys done manually. Our interactive web app allows you to search for information like magic wand and displays the results right away.

Time Filters

Limit the preferred time interval of the video to be searched. Choose your desired time granularity.

This feature allows you to pick a time interval to narrow your search and statistics. Explore the traffic counts throughout the day. What about looking at peak hour in greater detail?

Graphical Filters

Draw virtual lines, zones or combine them on the screen into advanced filters and limit the search to events on them.

How many shoppers are entering your store? Draw a line at the entrance. How many people stopped at your display? Draw a polygon there and find out. Anywhere, anytime, repeatedly.

Attribute Filters

Limit your search by types of objects, colors, their combinations and other relevant attributes.

How much freight traffic crosses the junction? Or are you specifically looking for blue, slow-driving trucks? Choose the attributes that are relevant to your search. Class, color, speed and more.

Analytical Filters

Apply advanced analytic functions to your data to get more specific information about traffic behavior.

Sometimes you need to look for objects according to their behavior. For cars that stopped. For people who stood in the area place for some time. For areas with accelerating or decelerating traffic.

Our Team

We love our job!

We are not an idea only company, but a working, living company with revenue, customers, and expectations.

Every single day we strive for perfection outside our comfort zones, to create things ten times better than is currently accepted. We are GoodVision.

GoodVision Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

When You’re Too Shy To Ask

No, you don’t need to install or buy anything to run GoodVision. Video Insights is a full-cloud service accessible online via your internet browser from anywhere in the world.

No, you don’t need to buy any special camera equipment, it is camera agnostic. GoodVision Video Insights accepts digital video footage from any type of IP camera with standard optics out there.

Yes, GoodVision Video Insights is not limited to work with any specific video management systems and accepts video footage in standard MPEG video containers from all of them.

The better the quality, the better the outcome, that is a simple equation. GoodVision Video Insights provides best results on video resolutions 720p to 1080p and video framerate above 10FPS. Video resolution below VGA is not supported since neither human eye is capable of recognizing objects with high certainty.

Your video will be processed, and you will receive results within couple of hours after uploading it to GoodVision Video Insights, no matter what the duration of the video was. Our goal is to provide you the results within 1 hour, we are working hard on it.

Our algorithms will detect individual moving and static objects with all physical aspects of their presence on the scene, like their positions, size, object category, colors and trajectory on the scene.

After you upload your video to GoodVision, it is processed, and our AI algorithms are fed with its data. Immediately after it your video is permanently deleted from our servers. This process is fully auditable. GoodVision works with anonymous data.

GoodVision Video Insights is hosted and run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which undergoes regular SSAE 16 SOC audits and is Privacy Shield certified. With SSL encryption, our endpoints ensure that all data passed between the web server and client browsers remain private and integral.

OMG no! GoodVision Video Insights is fully automatic and starts to retrieve the data immediately after your video is uploaded. We respect your privacy, and neither wouldn’t we be able to personally watch thousands of videos provided from users worldwide.

Unfortunately not, we provide rapid analysis of big amounts of video footage in offline mode.

In it’s core, GoodVision Video Insights utilizes state-of-art deep neural networks, our custom deep learning models and computer vision algorithms, being constantly trained on data from real surveillance cameras from all around the world.

Absolutely, every new release of GoodVision Video Insights is automatically available to all our customers, providing all new features, enhancements, and respecting back compatibility of your data.

Yes, you can use GoodVision Video Insights with camera footage captured anywhere in the world and we will provide you with constant results. Our algorithms are trained on data from wide variety of cameras from all around the world.

GoodVision Video Insights currently classifies objects into 7 classes: person, car, truck, bus, bicycle, motorcycle, animal. The variety of recognized object classes is growing as we continually train for the new classes.

Yes, you can draw your graphical filters anywhere on the screen, combine them into complex composite filters representing traffic directions and then count/monitor traffic in origin/destination mode.

Our system is trained also on these difficult conditions, so we can support them as well. If your eye can recognize the object in the video, GoodVision can too.

Yes, unlike other simpler or traditional solutions, GoodVision is completely immune to camera movement during the video analysis. We don’t have to deploy any image stabilizers to detect the objects properly.


No Hardware. No Software. No Licences. You Pay For Video-hours.

On Demand

15per video-hour
  • Unbound for your first test
  • Full traffic data collection
  • Unlimited queries & reports
  • 90 days of data online

100 Hours Monthly Bundle

  • € 9.61 per video-hour
  • Full traffic data collection
  • Unlimited queries & reports
  • 90 days of data online
  • 12 months of data archive
  • Unused credits go to next month

500 Hours Monthly Bundle

4 430monthly
  • € 8.86 per video-hour
  • Full traffic data collection
  • Unlimited queries & reports
  • 90 days of data online
  • 12 months of data archive
  • Unused credits go to next month

5000 Hours Monthly Bundle

20 150monthly
  • € 4.03 per video-hour
  • Full traffic data collection
  • Unlimited queries & reports
  • 90 days of data online
  • 12 months of data archive
  • Unused credits go to next month

*These are the example subscription plans. Prices shown are calculated according to 12-months of subscription. Didn’t find suitable plan for you? No worries, we offer fully customizable monthly subscriptions and on-demand plans that will match your needs.

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