Finally a Workspace for Traffic Analysts

Video Insights is the first solution allowing traffic analysts to perform all their tasks in a single platform. Combining unrivaled 95% to 100% accuracy of traffic data collection with deep analytical features, GoodVision provides traffic metrics for modelling, simulations and management.

Read Traffic Videos Like a Morning Paper

Automatic Data Collection

GoodVision retrieves traffic data from any standard traffic camera or a drone. If it’s a video or a camera stream, full trajectory data for 8 classes of vehicles are retrieved automatically without any human effort. Data from offline videos of any size is always delivered within 1 HOUR!

Deep Traffic Analytics

Analyzing traffic is a fully interactive experience. From traffic counting on custom turns to advanced analysis of complex metrics like vehicle travel time, you are getting results in real-time. Video Insights is the workspace to get crucial data for traffic modelling and simulation.

Visualization & Reports

Almost every traffic metric in Video Insights can be exported into traffic movement counts reports or lists of individual vehicle passages. GoodVision also offers amazing visual presentation experience of traffic data providing exact object trajectories, traffic flows and heat-maps.

GoodVision Video Insights

Valuable Wherever Your Cameras Are

Traffic Counting

Knowing traffic volumes is crucial to every traffic project. With fully interactive spot and origin-destination counting on turns, GoodVision cuts operational costs on human counters, tubes or sensors and serves times more traffic analyses than any solution ever before.

Junction Analyzes

For the first time it is possible to use collected data from video to obtain deep traffic metrics about traffic behavior. If it’s a highway, intersection or roundabout, GoodVision provides detailed metrics like travel times, time-gaps or speed to feed your future traffic models.

Peds & Bicycles

Knowing exact pedestrian and bicycle routes is a must for designing smarter streets and other municipal areas. GoodVision allows to analyze traffic light intervals, impact of bike paths or pedestrian safety. Even retailers utilize location analytics to identify potential shoppers.

Drone Surveys

Drone studies are becoming more popular as they can capture larger areas from ideal position. GoodVision Drone High-Detail processing allows automatic traffic collection from drones up to 250 meters high. This is the first time such functionality is bundled in a single product.

Why GoodVision

6 Reasons Why GoodVision Is The Right Video Analytics To Go

1. Interactive Analytics

You interactively place detection zones and slice & dice visual traffic data repeatedly in the web dashboard after it is collected. No need to specify it up-front.

Filters, graphs and managerial reports

Draw detection zones and combine them together into custom traffic movements. Filter traffic by time, vehicle class or by traffic behavior like delays or passage time.

2. Works In All Conditions

Powered by our proprietary deep learning AI we recognize pedestrians, cars, trucks, vans, buses, motorbikes, bicycles and animals in the video footage.

we collect every traffic object we see

Every visible vehicle and pedestrian in the video is detected, classified and it’s trajectory and behavior is collected and stored in GoodVision’s data lake, which is up to 10000x smaller than original video.

3. Rapid Processing

Fully scaled cloud environment with highly parallel processing ensures rapid 1-hour results delivery. This makes traffic analytics an immediate experience!

Be honest to yourself...

You don’t have weeks of waiting for lengthy analyses to finish. Get results within minutes instead! Cloud video analytics is your only bet for processing huge piles of video data without the limitations of on-premise hardware.

4. Security & GDPR

Data obtained from the analysis is anonymous and original video is deleted immediately. The transmission of video during processing is secured and encrypted.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Video data is processed on the fly, in a short time necessary for metadata extraction. Objects and events are completely anonymous during the analysis and their reverse identification is not possible. 

5. Instant Results

User traffic analysis happens right after the video is processed. You are getting results instantly every time you change the query criteria. You own the data.

video as a valuable future asset

You can delete the original video once processed. Extracted data contain everything for your future analyses – counting, reports or historical summaries. No need to process the video again.

6. No Hardware Needed

Video Insights is compatible with your existing IP cameras. Works out-of-the-box on your project without any deployment or customization costs.

working with your existing cameras

No hardware or software is needed to process or store your data. GoodVision is a SaaS transforming existing video surveillance systems into comprehensive traffic intelligence tools.

GoodVision for Traffic Counters

Accurate traffic data collection and counting, faster than ever

GoodVision for Traffic Modelers

Don’t Wait Weeks For Inacurately Surveyed Data

Forget about expensive time-consuming surveys done manually. Our interactive web app allows you to search for information like magic wand and displays the results right away.

Time Filters

Limit the preferred time interval of the video to be searched. Choose your desired time granularity.

This feature allows you to pick a time interval to narrow your search and statistics. Explore the traffic counts throughout the day. What about looking at peak hour in greater detail?

Graphical Filters

Draw virtual lines, zones or combine them on the screen into advanced filters and limit the search to events on them.

How many shoppers are entering your store? Draw a line at the entrance. How many people stopped at your display? Draw a polygon there and find out. Anywhere, anytime, repeatedly.

Attribute Filters

Limit your search by types of objects, colors, their combinations and other relevant attributes.

How much freight traffic crosses the junction? Or are you specifically looking for blue, slow-driving trucks? Choose the attributes that are relevant to your search. Class, color, speed and more.

Analytical Filters

Apply advanced analytic functions to your data to get more specific information about traffic behavior.

Sometimes you need to look for objects according to their behavior. For cars that stopped. For people who stood in the area place for some time. For areas with accelerating or decelerating traffic.

Our Team

We love our job!

We are not an idea only company, but a working, living company with revenue, customers, and expectations.

Every single day we strive for perfection outside our comfort zones, to create things ten times better than is currently accepted. We are GoodVision.

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GoodVision Team

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No Hardware. No Software Licences. Pay For Video-hours.

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Standard fixed or temporary cameras on roads, junctions, pathways
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Drone cameras up to 50m height
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Full traffic data collection with 1 hour data delivery
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Full set of analytical tools including time gap
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Unlimited TMC and Intrusion Excel reports
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90 days online access
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12 months of data archive
1 video-hour from 4 €*
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UHD (2k/4k) fixed or temporary cameras in big heights with a steep view
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UHD drone cameras up to 250m height
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Full traffic data collection. Early access only
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Full set of analytical tools including time gap
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Unlimited TMC and Intrusion Excel reports
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90 days online access
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12 months of data archive
1 video-hour from 40 €*

* The price per video-hour is dependent on the purchased credits bundle (starter package, one-time purchase or monthly plan). The starter package offers 1 video-hour (credit) for 5€. Alternatively, the price 4€ / 40 € is available to 12-months plans with appropriate credits subscription. Don‘t worry, we offer fully customizable monthly plans and on-demand plans that will match your needs.

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