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With more and more cars on the roads, cities turn into a veritable concrete jungle where drivers compete for a growingly scarce resource: parking space. Municipalities and developers usually try to address this issue by simply extending the existing parking lots or building new ones.

With GoodVision Parking Monitor, we are changing the game. Instead of just adding more parking spots, we’ve created smart technology to solve the problem for good.

Make the most out of your parking spaces


Our software precisely monitors occupancy rates in real-time, enabling users to optimise parking space allocation efficiently.


For easy parking management, our system lets you monitor parking and garage entries and exits seamlessly, ensuring traffic flows smoothly.


Automated Number Plate Recognition enhances your reporting capabilities.


Receive immediate notifications about violations like exceeding allowed parking durations or occupying unauthorised zones to effectively enforce regulations.


Gain insights into parking usage patterns, identify areas of high demand, and adjust the layout based on data for optimal parking space utilisation.


All features of the solution are designed for integration with third-party systems.

Data-based parking control

Use the records collected by Parking Monitor for analytics and future parking management and planning.

Blacklisting and Whitelisting
Allow or restrict the entry of specific vehicles based on the license plate or vehicle type (e.g., allowing only buses). Trigger an illegal parking event for all other types, ensuring tailored access control.
Automated Alerts
Automatically detect parking events or anomalies and notify traffic management centres or relevant authorities, ensuring rapid awareness and response.
Data Recording
Captures and records parking events, supporting data analysis, reporting, and informed decision-making for future traffic planning and management.
Visual Verification
Camera feeds allow operators to verify detected incidents visually with confidence.

Why choose Parking Monitor?

GoodVision Parking Monitor is a flexible and reliable live monitoring tool for managing any parking space.

Integration with Traffic Systems:
Integration with Traffic Systems:
Parking Monitor is natively integrated with other GoodVision solutions, and third-party systems through REST API.
24/7/365 Monitoring:
24/7/365 Monitoring:
Parking Monitor tracks vehicle traffic around the clock and the algorithm captures events automatically, warranting that no incident goes unnoticed.
Connection with Road Infrastructure:
Connection with Road Infrastructure:
Effortlessly plug Parking Monitor into the existing camera systems and road sensors or expand your infrastructure with new devices hassle-free.
Thanks to self-adjusting AI and smart camera movement and occlusion recognition, the solution delivers reliable results in any conditions.

Technical requirements

GoodVision Live Traffic product
IP camera
Processing unit
• Server for in-house deployment (all major vendors)
• Embedded device for on-site deployment
Active account at for configuration, management and reporting

Video analysis is performed solely on the local device/server. Traffic reports, events, and metrics are transferred to the GoodVision platform.

On-site devices do not store any video or other personal data. This prevents data breaches in case of unauthorized access or intrusion.

Recommended devices for on-site deployment

Up to 4 camera streams:
Lanner EAI-I130B

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
16GB LPDDR4 memory, 16GB eMMC storage
2x GigE Poe LANs, 5G/LTE cellular network connection
WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/gn)

Up to 16 camera streams:
Lanner LEC-2290E

Intel Core i7-9700, NVIDIA Tesla A2
32GB DDR4 RAM, mSATA 128GB + 2.5″ SSD 256GB
2x GbE LAN +4x GbE PoE LAN
Extensions: 5G/LTE cellular network connection, WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/g/n)

Say goodbye to overcrowded parking spaces!

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