Real-time Traffic Monitoring

Traffic Controller

Regardless of how much effort transportation agencies, planners, and engineers put into crafting a well-optimised road network, its flow can come to a grinding halt in one place – a congested or unsafe intersection.

Get the most up-to-date data with GoodVision Traffic Controller: an AI-based monitoring solution that delivers records from intersections straight to traffic control centres and provide data directly to the traffic lights controller, continuously and in real-time.

A single solution to untangle all intersections


Traffic Controller is fully compatible with existing traffic cameras, third-party video management systems, traffic control interfaces, and other GoodVision solutions.


The solution ensures reliable monitoring in various conditions, enhancing the overall efficiency of traffic management.


The AI-boosted algorithm automatically records traffic volumes across turns and all traffic directions, queue lengths, zone occupancy, and object classes.

Get the data for complete traffic control IN ONE PLACE

Data captured by Traffic Controller are available in a centralised interface for faster, data-driven decision-making.

Live Traffic Dashboards
View traffic volumes and other performance metrics in real-time.
On-Demand User Reports
Generate tabular or visual map reports.
Periodic Live Reports
Get regular, configurable traffic reports in tabular and JSON formats.
Historical Data Analysis
Predict potential issues and optimise traffic management based on historical data.
Data Recording
Store traffic data for post-incident analysis, reporting,, and future traffic planning.
Live Alerts
Receive user-set notifications about road events and react to changing conditions instantly.
Camera Feeds
Continuously track live video streams from all selected locations.

Control, count, plan

Real-Time Intelligent Traffic Control
Use real-time traffic data to dynamically manage traffic signals and flow, significantly improving intersection efficiency and reducing congestion.
Traffic Volume Counting
Record vehicle counts for fact-based traffic analysis and management.
Data-Driven Planning
Leverage collected data for infrastructure development planning to optimise road networks and minimise future traffic congestion.

 Who is it for?

Traffic Control Systems Provider
Traffic Control Systems Provider
Offers enhanced capabilities for managing and optimising traffic flow.
ITS Integration
ITS Integration
Seamlessly connect it with existing Intelligent Transportation Systems for comprehensive traffic management solutions.
Cities and Municipalities
Cities and Municipalities
Can use it as a dependable traffic data provider, enhancing traffic control and planning.

Technical requirements

GoodVision Live Traffic product
IP camera
Processing unit
• Server for in-house deployment (all major vendors)
• Embedded device for on-site deployment
Active account at for configuration, management and reporting

Video analysis is performed solely on the local device/server. Traffic reports, events, and metrics are transferred to the GoodVision platform.

On-site devices do not store any video or other personal data. This prevents data breaches in case of unauthorized access or intrusion.

Recommended devices for on-site deployment

Up to 4 camera streams:
Lanner EAI-I130B

NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
16GB LPDDR4 memory, 16GB eMMC storage
2x GigE Poe LANs, 5G/LTE cellular network connection
WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/gn)

Up to 16 camera streams:
Lanner LEC-2290E

Intel Core i7-9700, NVIDIA Tesla A2
32GB DDR4 RAM, mSATA 128GB + 2.5″ SSD 256GB
2x GbE LAN +4x GbE PoE LAN
Extensions: 5G/LTE cellular network connection, WiFi connection (802.11 a/b/g/n)

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