Prague, Czech Republic
CV/AI Engineer
Who we need

Are you a seasoned Computer Vision Engineer with a passion for innovation? We’re on the lookout for someone like you to join our team. As part of our R&D efforts, you’ll drive the development of new features, optimize existing ones, and contribute to the future of our smart traffic and smart cities solution.

Job description
  • Algorithm Development and Optimisation: Drive the design and refinement of computer vision algorithms for traffic monitoring, object detection, tracking, and behaviour analysis.
  • NVIDIA stack: Demonstrate proficiency in the NVIDIA toolchain, including DeepStream, Triton Inference Server, Metropolis and associated libraries for model optimisation and deployment.
  • MLOps: Collaborate with data scientists to streamline the machine learning operations pipeline. Facilitate model training, monitoring, and continuous improvement in the traffic data domain.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Extend your skills to extract predictions, correlations, and actionable insights from traffic data to enhance decision-making and system performance.
  • Embedded System Expertise: Leverage your deep understanding of embedded systems to ensure seamless integration and optimal performance of AI models.
  • Hands-on experience developing and deploying computer vision solutions on embedded devices.
  • In-depth knowledge of deep learning frameworks (e.g., PyTorch, TensorFlow, Ultralytics)
  • Familiarity with MLOps principles, best practices and tools
  • Demonstrable experience in software delivery
  • Skilled in C++ and Python programming languages
  • Team player who won’t get afraid when the first issue occurs
  • Fluent English (we speak Czech in the team, but communication with other departments and everything written is in English)
  • Make sure to spend half of your working hours at the office
What could be an advantage
  • You’re organized and CV/AI is your life
  • Embedded devices – Jetson units real experience
  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or equivalent field.
  • Strong analytical skills and an aptitude for working with traffic-related data
What we offer
  • Global Impact: Our solution is deployed worldwide, and as a CV Engineer, your work will directly influence its success.
  • Hands-On Experience: Dive into real-world challenges, from cutting-edge algorithms to data pipelines and model deployment.
  • Collaborative Environment: Join a small but dynamic team where creativity and fun are encouraged.
  • 🧑🏼‍💻 Trust to work independently: Enjoy the freedom to work independently, backed by a culture of trust and support. Your ideas matter, and we believe in your ability to make a significant impact
  • 🕐 Flexible working hours: Life is dynamic, and so are we. Our flexible working hours accommodate your schedule, ensuring a healthy work-life balance
  • 🎉 Team Spirit Beyond Work:  Engage in a variety of team activities and fun team-building events that strengthen our bonds and make every day enjoyable
  • 📈 Company’s stock plan: Participate in the success of the company and share in its growth
  • ☕️ Comfortable Workspace: Our office is located in Prague, 2 min walk from metro Invalidovna; it’s designed to be cozy and comfortable. A place where you can be your most productive self
  • 💻 Top-Notch Tools: Equip yourself with a high-end laptop, including a MacBook Pro, to enhance your work experience
  • 🏃🏽 Wellness Matters: Prioritize your well-being with a Multi-Sport Card, granting you access to a range of fitness activities
  • 📚 Continuous Learning: Invest in your professional development with our educational program. Grow your skills and stay ahead in your career

If you’re ready to make a difference and get your hands dirty solving complex problems, we’d love to hear from you!

About us

We are the award-winning venture-backed startup operating in the smart city and artificial intelligence space, leading the way in traffic data collection and analysis.