GoodVision Partner

KH servis a.s.

Business area: Czech Republic, Slovakia

KH servis a.s. was founded in 1992 and transformed into a joint stock company in 2008. The company’s primary focus is on low-current security systems, with a special emphasis on camera systems. In recent years, KH servis has expanded its scope to include detection and analysis systems based on camera technology.

The company handles projects comprehensively, from solution design and engineering to implementation and ongoing services. Their goal is to bring the customer’s vision to life by selecting the most suitable technologies and technical solutions. KH servis has been involved in numerous security projects for over 30 years, most notably the City Camera System of Prague (Czech Republic), which encompasses more than 4500 cameras and 100 monitoring sites, serving over 850 clients. This system integrates security and traffic cameras.

Through collaboration with GoodVision, the company has broadened its offerings to include smart detection and analysis systems. The data generated by these systems is crucial for the various districts of Prague and their traffic management solutions.

Hvožďanská 2235/2, Praha 11-Chodov 148 00

+420 739 298 420